NSA Willy Street Co-op North Management Team - 12-16

North Star Award Recipient – Willy Street Co-op North: Management Team

Willy Street Coop was nominated by Katie Hoel and the Northside Planning Council (NPC). NPC wrote in their nomination: “Last September, NPC learned that Pierce’s would...

North Star Award Recipient – Jean Beckwith

Jean was nominated by Kim Babler for her role in organizing the new Fieldstone Neighborhood Association. Kim wrote in her nomination: “Jean Beckwith is the leader...

North Star Award Recipient – Guy Fields

Guy was nominated by Make Music Madison organizers Michael Rothschild and Sue Peck. Sue Peck wrote in her nomination: “Guy has been instrumental (pun intended)...
nsa_john harmelink_12-16

North Star Award Recipient – John Harmelink

John was nominated by Tom Moen of the East Madison Community Center. John was nominated for serving 25 years as a humble, dedicated worker remaining...
nsa_sharon persich_12-16

North Star Award Recipient – Sharon Persich

Sharon was nominated by Trisha Rosbeck of NESCO for being a volunteer for the North/Eastside Senior Coalition (NESCO) for three years running NESCO’s Technology...

North Star Award Recipient – John Kavanaugh of the Esquire Club

John was nominated by Margo Dixon and Pastor Gerry Kuhnke. Margo and Pastor Gerry nominated John for donating the use of his restaurant for the annual...

North Star Award Recipient – Rita Lord

Abha Thakkar, in her capacity as editor of the Northside News, nominated Rita for this award. Abha wrote in her nomination: “Rita is the Northside News...

High Impact Award Recipient – Martee Mikalson

For her extraordinary contributions and commitment to changing people’s lives through her expertise and skills in the food industry, Martee Mikalson is this year’s...