By Hannah Becker
The River Food Pantry

What better way to stay warm during Wisconsin’s cold winter months than with mittens that are not only unique and warm, but also benefit local food pantries? The ReMitt Project, a volunteer-run organization, has been raising funds for Dane County food pantries since 2009. Last year, the project raised $50,000.

Each pair of ReMitt mittens is hand crafted by volunteers. The mittens are 100 percent recycled, made from old donated wool sweaters. The volunteers felt the wool and then craft it into beautiful wool mittens. Best of all, no two pairs are alike.

Like The River Food Pantry, the Remitt Project does not like anything going to waste. These forgotten sweaters were on their way to landfills, but are now beautiful mittens that benefit hundreds of people in Dane County struggling to make ends meet. The love and patience that go into making each pair is visible. It takes volunteers about three hours to make one pair, including washing the sweaters, cutting and hand sewing.

Keep your hands warm this winter while helping pantries keep their shelves stocked with food. The mittens cost $35 per pair, $45 for Wisconsin/Bucky mittens. The project hopes to surpass the $250,000 mark this season. Stop by the following stores to purchase your own unique pair of mittens.

  • UPS Store North, 1213 N. Sherman Ave.
  • UPS Store East, 4230 East Towne Blvd.
  • DuWayne’s Salon, 2114 N. Sherman Ave.
  • Klein’s Greenhouse, 3758 E. Washington Ave.
  • Barriques, 2166 Atwood Ave.
  • Yahara Bay Distillery, 6250 Nesbitt Rd. #200