From Captain Jay Lengfeld, North District Police

North District Police took neighborhood children to visit the Badger football facility. Photo by Madison Police Dept.
Children got a visit from Santa at the North Police District. Photo by Madison Police Department

I hope everybody had a fun and safe holiday season. The North Police District has been busy spreading the joy and dealing with the bad. The North District sponsored a couple of families for Christmas and provided them with gifts, helped the children make gingerbread houses and, of course, arranged a visit from Santa.

The Community Policing Team and the Neighborhood Officer took a number of neighborhood children to the Badger football facility for a tour and to learn about all the work that goes into playing football at that level. We thank the Badger football program for opening their doors and providing this experience to children of the Northside.

On the bad side, the fourth quarter was not good for the Northside. Robberies and shots-fired calls were way up from previous quarters. Three serial robbers hit the Northside, as well as other districts and cities. The good news is that all individuals involved in those robberies have been arrested. We have not had that kind of success in solving the shots-fired calls. The number of calls dropped off in December and we have suspects, but not enough evidence for arrests.

Below is more information from the Northside Community Survey. Enjoy the rest of winter.

Somewhat of a problem: 24 percent
Big problem: 11 percent

Car Theft
Somewhat of a problem: 14 percent
Big problem: 8 percent

Drug Use
Somewhat of a problem: 15 percent
Big problem: 9 percent

Drug Sales
Somewhat of a problem: 17 percent
Big problem: 12 percent

Somewhat of a problem: 33 percent
Big problem: 23 percent

Reckless Driving
Somewhat of a problem: 22 percent
Big problem: 13 percent

Loud Vehicles
Somewhat of a problem: 17 percent
Big problem: 11 percent