City of Madison Building Inspection enforces weights and measures


By Cindy Lease
City of Madison

The City of Madison enforces the national laws regarding the use of devices, such as scales and gas pumps, as well as pricing accuracy and packaging, which includes net quantity, label information and method of sale being used. All of these inspections are conducted to ensure that the consumer is getting what they pay for and can make informed decisions on which products are the best value for their money.

With the opening of the new Willy Street Co-op on the Northside, our inspectors have worked with store management to test all of the scales and make sure they are accurate. The inspectors put a weights and measures sticker on each device once it is tested and found to be correct. The sticker identifies that the scale was tested and provides a website address and phone number for consumers to contact us. The store was also price verified to make sure that all prices are correct. To price verify a store, we select a random number of products and the inspector makes sure those products scan at the advertised price. In addition, inspectors look at store-packaged items to make sure the product in the package is equal to or greater than the stated weight, measure or count.

Just recently, the inspectors worked closely with the City of Madison Police Department to identify and remove credit card skimming devices from several gas pumps in the city. Because of increased criminal activity using skimmers, a new ordinance was passed requiring stations to install uniquely keyed locks. This should aid in the prevention of financial theft at the pump.

To contact our office with questions or concerns go to our website at or call our office at 246-4514, 246-4515 or 243-0585.