About the Northside News

Reach 13,400 Northside households and businesses while supporting your community at the same time!

The Northside News print edition is a free community newspaper distributed every two months by bulk mail to 13,400 households and businesses on Madison’s Northside, reaching 25,000 people.

As the Northside News celebrates 21 years of publication, it’s clear that the newspaper has played a major role in the revitalization of community that’s taken place on the Northside in that time.

Many Northsiders eagerly anticipate each issue of the Northside News. Best of all, Northsiders consistently express a sense of ownership over the paper, so much so, that it has become a mainstay of community life on the Northside. Residents know that they can use the newspaper as an effective vehicle for communicating with their neighbors. County Supervisor Paul Rusk has called it an “incredibly important and influential asset for the Northside.”

Every issue covers news for different interests: Schools & Youth, Community, Warner Park Community Recreation Center News, Seniors, Neighborhoods, Community, Community Gardens, Environment, Business, Churches and more.

Many Northsiders hold onto each issue and use as it as a continuous resource. Indeed, the Northside News is often the only local media publication that many Northsiders receive, and thus is doubly important as a vehicle to provide resource information.

As a nonprofit community newspaper, the Northside News solicits advertising but not at the expense of the community news that Northside residents have come to value. We believe we have the optimum blend of news coverage, community information, and advertising. Each issue is digitally produced, creating a clean, crisp product.

Northside News offices
1219 N. Sherman Ave.
Madison, WI 53704