Woody Carey Scholarships presented to six area students


By De’Kendrea Stamps
East Madison Community Center

Dominique Harvey. Photo by De’Kendrea Stamps

The Woody Carey Community Scholarship Program began in the fall of 2013 after the passing of Dr. Ellwood “Woody” Carey. Woody served as a volunteer on the East Madison Community Center (EMCC) Board of Directors for over 25 years and was one of the original members of the Center’s fundraising group, the EMCC Resource Development Team. He was asked to become a member of the team due to his positive attitude and extensive contacts in the community.

Sedric Morris, Jr. Photo by Jay B. Image Lab

The scholarship program is a meaningful, long-lasting tribute to Woody’s legacy, loving spirit and positive values, especially in the area of equal opportunities. This program is especially meaningful because the scholarships Dr. Carey received when he went to college were essential to him being able to afford to attend. This year the EMCC has awarded scholarships to six exemplary students.

Elijah Holmes. Photo by Shoana Cachelle

Elijah Holmes graduated from East High School and now attends UW-Madison, majoring in psychology. Elijah said, “The EMCC is the place that helped me make friends, become involved with sports, taught me life skills and manners. The behavioral science field lacks African American male psychiatrists, which poses a problem for many underserved communities in their ability to provide culturally relevant services. This void has motivated me to become a psychiatrist.”

Rosee Xiong is a graduate of East High School and attends UW-Madison, majoring in wildlife ecology. “The ambitions I had were achieved due to the EMCC teaching me how to be a responsible, energetic, caring young adult,” Rosee said. “When I attended Alternatives to Violence classes, I learned what a leader is, what a leader does and how to become one, as well as the importance of refining these qualities.”

Anthony Gomez attends UW-Madison, where he is majoring in chemistry. “As a person of color in a STEM field, I want to address the disconnection of social justice issues and how they affect the scientific community,” Anthony stated.

Dominique Harvey is a student at Upper Iowa University, where he majors in human services/social work. Dominique said, “I want to help children to become the best they can be. With my dedication and desire, I believe I could have a positive impact on their lives.”

Sedric Morris, Jr. graduated from West High School and is attending UW-Whitewater, majoring in education and criminal justice. Sedric told us, “My focus will be to improve outcomes for youth, particularly young men of color, while proactively advocating for equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities for individuals and communities.”

Ahkeem Cooper, who attended East High School, is a student at Madison College. Although he has not yet decided on a major, Ahkeem noted, “I will take advantage of opportunities to study abroad and step out of my comfort zone.”