Willy Street-North focuses on more affordable product options


By Anna Gilberts and Brendon Smith
Willy Street Co-op

Willy North has been focusing on bringing more affordable product options to this side of town while maintaining our usual standards of quality. While the product mix will continue to evolve, all of the bases have been covered. Check out our meat and seafood options.

In working with Neesvig’s/Empire Fish, our selection of fresh and frozen seafood not only hits on all the basics but also offers a rotating variety exciting enough to intrigue even the most seasoned fish connoisseur. If there’s ever anything specific you’re looking for, we can bring in fresh seafood every day except Sunday — with no minimum order. We feature different fish items on sale both weekly and every Friday. The Fish Sale Friday is the deepest discount of the week, so don’t miss it.

Willy North has teamed up with Dan Fox of Fox Heritage Farms to offer a 100 percent local (Cuba City), pasture-raised, antibiotic/hormone-free line of heritage breed pork available exclusively at Willy North. As a result, all of Willy North’s pork pricing has dropped across the board. In utilizing this new pork, we are now able to offer our housemade pork sausages at a lower price as well. Join us all summer for monthly Sausage Saturdays, where we’ll be grilling and serving our North Side Beer Brats and a variety of other flavors.

As for beef, Willy North joined forces with local provider Neesvig’s once more to bring in Clear River, a line of all-natural, pasture-raised, grain-fed beef. Not only is the cost significantly lower, but it’s of excellent quality (some of the most beautiful cuts we’ve ever seen). Willy North is the first and only retailer in the Madison area to carry this beef. It is sourced regionally (meaning all Midwest) from sustainable, humane farms and is never given antibiotics or hormones.

Just a Reminder: You don’t have to be a member to shop at Willy Street Co-op — everyone is welcome. Come in and check us out. Anyone can shop and you can join to save. You can become a Co-op Owner today for just $10, or as low as $4 if you’re eligible for certain kinds of financial assistance. Stop by our customer service desk in the store, call 709-5445 or visit willystreet.coop online. We’re located at 2817 N. Sherman Ave. in the Northside TownCenter and we’re open 7:30 am‒9:30 pm daily.