Wild Warner wins $10,000 award

Marie Jacobson and Mike Rewey with check from American Family Insurance. Photo by Tim Nelson

By Tim Nelson
Wild Warner

Wild Warner recently won a $10,000 prize from American Family Insurance. Here is an excerpt from American Family’s website:“On July 27, 2017, the American Family Insurance National Headquarters hosted the second annual Share Tank Intern Challenge. Fifty-eight interns from American Family participated in the event.

“Share Tank is a competition for American Family’s summer interns that focuses on giving back to the community. This project gives interns an opportunity to build professional skills while experiencing the company’s philanthropic culture firsthand.

Each team of interns was partnered up with a local nonprofit at the beginning of June. From there, the interns worked with their respective organization to identify a challenge and brainstorm potential solutions for the issue. During the following weeks, the teams pinpointed a solution and developed a pitch that they would present to a judging panel of American Family employees.

“Following the presentations, Wild Warner was announced the winner and received a check for $10,000 to cover the cost of their entire project. The four interns from the Wild Warner team were awarded $500 each to help pay for college expenses. The remaining 15 groups were each awarded a $1,000 donation for their nonprofits.

“According to Personal Lines Intern Taylor Grimm, an intern on the winning team, ‘Wild Warner Park is 238 acres. Everyone who visits the area thinks it’s just a park and the Mallards baseball stadium. No one really knows all that it encompasses.’ The team devised a plan to create signs for a self-guided tour throughout the park to generate enthusiasm among new patrons and allow them to enjoy all Wild Warner has to offer.

“The Share Tank Intern Challenge provides experience and skill-building opportunities that interns can use in their future endeavors while increasing American Family’s philanthropic impact on the community.”

Wild Warner is currently working with the Madison Parks Division to complete this project.