Scouts enjoy a warm winter weekend in the woods

Scouts digging through 12 inches of ice on a 60-degree winter day. Photo by Steven Kimball

By Michael Ward
Boy Scout with Troop 127

Troop 127’s newest members, along with older scouts, their junior patrol leader and several adult volunteers, enjoyed a late February warm spell during their weekend cabin outing at Hoard and Curtis Scout Camp in Cambridge.

Thankfully, the weekend was beautiful. The weather was warm and sunny. Because of the great conditions, we were able to do a lot of outdoor activities, such as ice fishing, fire building and exploration in the woods. Every scout worked on rank advancements, including fire building, cooking and knot tying. Each scout had a part in cooking, cleaning and relaxing. And in our free time we played lots of card games and ran around in the woods.

Overall, the campout was a great success. Many scouts completed requirements and had a great time.