Square dancing is friendship set to music. Enjoy fun, exercise and new friends at Westport Squares. Photo by Mark Simmons

By Mary Albrecht
Westport Squares

Experience 21st century square dancing. It’s not what you learned in school. Square dancing is friendship set to music where you just may end up with lifelong friends. You can combine fun with some low impact exercise or a high energy workout, depending on level you want to achieve. It’s an activity worth checking out.

Westport Squares, a local square dance club in its 60th year, sponsors square dance lessons. Club members cordially invite prospective dancers to two free dance lessons Sunday, Sept. 10, and Sunday, Sept.17, from 6:30‒8:30 pm at the Maple Bluff Community Center, 18 Oxford Place. Couples, singles and families are welcome; however, please note that children must have a genuine interest in learning to square dance.

While the first two lessons are free, an instruction fee is charged for subsequent dance lessons: $6 per person and $3 for anyone under the age of 18.

An experienced square dance caller with top-notch teaching skills facilitates the enjoyable learning experience. Each weekly lesson focuses on a few movements set to toe-tapping music. Dance expertise gradually develops with weekly practice and repetition. By the time lessons are completed, participants are competent to dance anywhere in the world. All that is required is your time and commitment to experience the fun.

If you are interested, but need more information, contact Eldon and Virginia at 244-3694. You may also connect with Westport Squares at its website, westportsquares.com. Click on “Contact Us.” We’re also on Facebook.