Introducing the Circle of Friends Board of Directors


By Dorothy Borchardt
Circle of Friends

This month I have the pleasure of introducing you to members of the Circle of Friends Board of Directors. Our board is open to any member of the Warner Park Community Recreation Center-Circle of Friends (WPCRC-CoF) who has the time to serve on a working board.

Steve Nelson is following in his father’s footsteps in being a big supporter of the Warner Pool. I met his father, DuWayne Nelson, in the late 1960s when we were both on the Northside Community Council Board. DuWayne served on the board when the resolution was passed supporting a recreation center and pool at Warner Park. Steve has been a supporter of the Northside and the Warner Pool his entire life. He serves as vice president of the Board and has been very involved in our fundraising efforts. Steve belongs to the $1,000 Club.

JoAnn Walker was on the WPCRC Planning Board and continued on the WPCRC Advisory Committee for several years. She has been involved in all our fundraising activities — starting with Pounding the Pavement for a Pool and the Celebrity Golf outings — and still helps bake cookies on Election Day. JoAnn is a member of the $1,000 Club.

Jill Jokela has been involved with swimming in Madison for almost 20 years, starting when her daughter joined the Monona outdoor swim team as a 9 year old. Her daughter and son both swam for the East High School swim teams and in college at UW-Eau Claire. Jill is a certified USA Swimming official and WIAA official. She has supported and helped fundraise for the Warner Pool for years.

Laura Knoche has been supporting a pool at Warner since grade school when she went around her neighborhood getting signatures on a petition in support of the pool. After living in Verona for 22 years, she returned to her roots on the Northside and enjoys getting involved in community activities. Laura is the CoF treasurer and helps fundraise by baking cookies on Election Day.

Doreen Hinrichs has always supported the pool and now that she has retired she has time to do more volunteer work. She serves as the CoF secretary. She is looking forward to baking cookies again on Election Day and walking in the next Pounding the Pavement fundraiser.

Our board members are all volunteers. We have no paid staff. We always welcome additional board members.

We hope to see you April 4, Election Day, at the WPCRC, where our freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies will be on sale. Go Northside.