Flowers are nourishment for the soul

Naly Jasengnou and Tou Lor, owners of Naly’s Floral Shop. Photo by Oona Mackesey-Green

By Sheri Gasser
Northside News

“For me, selling flowers is similar to selling food, but instead of nourishment for the body it’s nourishment for the soul,” explained Tou Lor. “There is something to be said about the natural beauty of flowers that is spiritual and speaks to the soul. It’s hard to image special occasions without them.”

Located in the NorthGate Shopping Center, Naly’s Floral Shop offers a variety of seasonal flowers and gifts. The store celebrated their grand opening Aug. 19. While having a storefront is a new venture for husband and wife owners Tou Lor and Naly Jasengnou, floral design and sales is familiar territory for the two.

Naly’s interest in flowers was inspired by her mother, Kelly Lor. She recalled tagging along to gardens with her mother as a child and being curious about all the different kinds of flowers she saw. Her mother was a farmer at one time and is now a vendor at the Dane County Farmers Market. Naly often helped her mother at the market on Saturday mornings, and that to further opportunities, especially with weddings and funerals. “That gave me the dream of going to a storefront to have a bigger work space, a larger range of customers and be open to the public,” she said.

Naly’s Flower Shop is an inviting space created by the couple. There’s something for everyone and every occasion — even if that occasion is just to treat oneself to something beautiful.

The decision to open their store on the Northside was an easy one. Naly saw the space available for lease when shopping at the Madison Oriental Market nextdoor. While they looked at other areas around Madison, Naly said, “I had the feeling this was it, just like buying your first home.”

What is unique about Naly’s Floral Shop is the commitment to local sourcing and seasonality. Their store supports seven farmers, all vendors at the Dane County Farmers Market. According to Lor, “We try to do something different. Having the connection to the local market and using their products allows us to give back to the community using local flowers.”

Besides supporting local growers, Lor said that in his experience flowers grown locally and outdoors tend to last longer and are hardier than imported flowers. Longer-lasting flowers and a reduced carbon footprint are attractive to customers, and having an additional retail venue benefits area farmers.

What’s in stock will vary depending on the time of year. In the fall, it’s dahlias, sunflowers, snapdragons, hydrangeas, celosia, asters and ornamental kale. During the winter, dry flower arrangements and wreaths will be available. Domestically sourced fresh flowers will also be available during non-seasonal times. Daily arrangements can be found in their refrigerator case, and there are plenty of options for customers to make their own bouquets. Floral service is available for weddings, funerals and area businesses. Delivery is available within a 45-mile radius. Besides fresh flowers, Naly’s stocks a number of gift selections, including live houseplants, bamboo, air plants, jewelry, home decor, birthday supplies, gift bags and helium balloons.

Naly’s Floral Shop is open Monday‒Friday, 9 am‒6 pm, and Saturday, 10 am‒2 pm. Stop by or call 467-6610 for more information. Credit cards are accepted.