FEED Bakery class starts soon

FEED Bakery students begin a new class. Photo by FEED Bakery

By Brendon Krueger
FEED Bakery

The FEED Bakery Training Program is accepting applications for the Spring 2018 session. This three-month class not only teaches baking fundamentals but provides a positive and inspiring environment to grow on a personal level. Your experiences and ideas are as important as the curriculum. It can be challenging work, but it is done in a setting where everybody learns from and supports one another, where sharing in your accomplishments is the greatest measure of a job well done. Remember, the future is unwritten. Why not start the next chapter in your story with something positively rewarding? For more information about the training program, contact Martee at coordinator@feedbakery.org or at 608-230-1224. Further details are also at available at feedbakery.org.