City of Madison Traffic Engineering


By Gretchen Avilés Piñeiro
City of Madison

Traffic Engineering (TE) is in charge of providing safe and efficient transportation to motor vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian traffic on City of Madison streets. TE is also part of the planning process and construction of new transportation infrastructure improvements. TE staff attends public informational meetings to gather the public’s concerns and work to get these addressed in the design process of construction projects.

TE maintains the city’s traffic signals, streetlights, traffic signs, fiber optic cable infrastructure, pavement markings and emergency communications for the Madison police and fire departments. As part of improvements and maintenance, TE programs and installs controllers for every signalized intersection; repaints pavement markings every year; reuses and recycles materials and parts; designs, manufactures and installs traffic signs for the city; and lays or cuts in traffic loops where detection is necessary.

Neighborhood Traffic Management (NTM) is a program TE manages. The NTM program promotes safe, accessible and pleasant conditions for bicyclists, pedestrians, motorists and residents on neighborhood streets. This program provides a mechanism for City of Madison alderpersons, neighborhood groups and representatives to work with city staff to make decisions about traffic management in their neighborhoods. There are two types of traffic management techniques: passive traffic control devices and active traffic management. Passive devices include signs (stop, school, speed limit and yield) and crosswalk marking. Active management includes pedestrian or refuge islands, traffic circles and speed humps, among others.

Individuals with concerns about the effects of traffic on their neighborhood streets are encouraged to apply to participate in the NTM program through the City of Madison Pedestrian/Bicycle/Motor Vehicle Commission by contacting their neighborhood association, alderperson or neighborhood business association and submitting a Neighborhood Petition of Support for Traffic Calming to TE.

If you have questions, feel free to call the City of Madison’s Traffic Engineering Office at 266-4761.