City of Madison Human Resources Department


By Melissa Gombar
City of Madison

Our department supports the city’s goals by recruiting, developing and sustaining a diverse, talented and engaged workforce.

Human Resources has three units. The first unit is HR Services, which assists city managers and the public with the hiring process. The second unit is Employee Development and Organizational Effectiveness, which develops training and employee engagement. The third unit is Employee and Labor Relations, which provides employee benefits and assists the City of Madison in managing its labor contracts.

Racial equity and social justice are core components of the work of Human Resources. We work closely with the City of Madison Racial Equity and Social Justice Initiative and we are working hard to systematize racial equity, a key piece of our work.

Some of the accomplishments we are most proud of in 2015-16 include conducting a racial equity impact analysis of our hiring process, which found several ways we can make our process better for applicants and managers. We have also put on a Women’s Leadership Series that received excellent reviews each of the two years it was offered. Finally, we are proud of the partnerships we have developed with community organizations, such as the Urban League, to promote City of Madison job opportunities.

We encourage anyone interested in City of Madison employment to visit our website, where you can set up email alerts when there are job openings. We also offer training to the public for a small fee. You can find the training calendar on our our website. We look forward to hearing from you.

City of Madison Human Resources,, 266-4615