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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A solution for shoulder pain?

The most common cause of shoulder pain that I see is due to a weak shoulder stabilizer muscle. The infraspinatus muscle covers most of...
Deborah Roussos

Rethink your drink — milk alternatives

Big picture: Milk knock-offs are plant-based, man-made beverages that mimic the nutrients in milk. Pros: Milk alternatives have zero cholesterol (only animals can make cholesterol),...
Deborah Roussos

The truth about detox diets*

What does “detox” mean, anyway? The term “detoxification” was used for years to refer to the process of withdrawal from alcohol or drugs by people...

Achieve your New Year’s resolutions

How are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions? If you answered, “I’m trying,” you may need help. “I’m trying” translates as “I’m not...
Deborah Roussos

Vinegar and Your Health

People have been touting the benefits of vinegar for years. Publications written recently include words such as “natural miracle cure,” “detox,” “weight loss,” “healing...

By a long stretch

What does a dog or cat do when it first wakes up? It instinctively stretches, right? You may be doing the same thing to...