Managing Editor’s Column: April/May 2017

In mid-March, Boston Public Schools changed the world map used in their classrooms. Now, the 1569 Mercator projection, one familiar to most Americans, will...
Abha Thakkar

Editor’s Column: Feb./March 2017

There’s a song by the group Bastille called, “Flaws.” I have been listening to it lately (on repeat). “All of your flaws and all...
Abha Thakkar

Editor’s Column: Dec. 2016/Jan. 2017

Right before Election Day, the Dalai Llama wrote a lovely op-ed in the New York Times. He said, “We should start each day by...
Abha Thakkar

Editor’s Column: Oct./Nov. 2016

It’s astonishing to me that it’s the end of September. We have been so overwhelmingly busy for the last nine months — we’ve added...