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Ash tree removal: ask an expert

By Kathlean Wolf Northside News On Aug. 18 I interviewed Jesse Barre, whose business specializes in tree trimming and removal. His main message? Make a plan now for how you’re going to...

Failing ash trees threaten homes

By Kathlean Wolf Northside News Throughout the Northside, a threat hangs over many homes and apartments — dead and dying ash trees, victims of the invasive emerald ash borer (EAB). The demise...

Tick warning: experts predict worst year on record

Kathlean Wolf Last year there were 13,000 cases of Lyme disease in Wisconsin; and now Powassan, a rare and deadly tick-borne disease, has been found in the Badger State. The National Pest Management...

To beav or not to beav, that is the question

By Kathlean Wolf Wild Warner Does Warner Park have a beaver problem? Or do beavers have a people problem? In late May, this debate came to a head after a Northside resident...
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Together we can solve watershed issues

By Kathlean Wolf Northside News On Oct. 20 State Representative Melissa Sargent and her office staff joined volunteers from Wild Warner to clean up Castle Creek. One week later, 20 United Way...

Mushrooms and fungi play an important role and are beautiful, too

Photos by Kathlean Wolf Northside News The Old Warner Wood contains an astonishing variety of fungi living in and on trees, beneath the soil, consuming decaying leaves and dead wood, and occasionally fruiting...

Flooding impacts water quality

By Kathlean Wolf Northside News The evening of July 21, up to 3 inches of rain fell on the Northside. It was not the first or the last major rain of the...