By League of Women Voters

The next election isn’t until February 2018, but there is no time like the present to make sure you have everything you need to vote. To check your registration, find election dates, confirm your polling place, or start the registration process, go to There are important elections in February and April for local and supreme court contests.

What you need to know about voter registration:

If you have moved or are new to Wisconsin, you will need to register to vote. New this year — online voter registration. If you have a current, valid Wisconsin driver license or Wisconsin ID card and your current name and address are in the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) database, you can register online. If you need to update your address at the DMV, you can do that at Then complete your registration at The address on your physical driver license or ID does not need to be changed.

If you don’t have a current Wisconsin driver license or ID card, you can register in person, either at the clerk’s office or, if a Madison resident, at any Madison Public Library. You will need to show proof of residence.

You can also register by mail. You will need to include a copy of your proof of residence. Send the completed form and proof of residence to your municipal clerk’s office.

If registering in person or by mail, you can use a paper form or complete one online at and print it out. Voters can register by mail until 20 days before Election Day or at their clerk’s office until the Friday before the election.

For examples of acceptable documents for proof of residence, go to

An approved photo ID will be required when voting:

You can use a Wisconsin driver license, a Wisconsin state ID card, a US passport or military ID with expiration dates of Nov. 8, 2016, or later. A Veteran Affairs card that is unexpired or has no expiration date can also be used. The address on a photo ID does not have to be current. Out-of-state ID’s are not acceptable. For a complete list of approved photo IDs, go to

UW-Madison students can get a special free ID for voting at the WisCard office at Union South. Students using the special ID will also need to show proof of enrollment. Students at other colleges can go to and check the Student ID Voter Fact Sheet for requirements at their school.

If you don’t have an acceptable photo ID, you can get a free ID at DMV offices. Please note that if you have an out-of-state driver license, you must surrender that license in order to get the Wisconsin ID. Non-expiring ID cards are now available for people age 65 and older.

For information about the DMV process, see Anyone who needs help getting an ID or a ride to the DMV can call the Dane County Voter ID Coalition at 285-2141 for assistance.

Seniors and people with disabilities who vote by permanent absentee ballot are exempt from the photo ID requirement. To apply for a permanent absentee ballot, contact your municipal clerk. The Madison clerk’s website is or call 266-4601.

For more information, go to the League of Women Voters of Dane County website at